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  1. [Whitepaper] What can you demand of your delivery partner?

    About this whitepaper According to the World Economic Forum, e-commerce deliveries rose by 25% during the pandemic. Over the past few years, retailers have invested increasingly in last-mile delivery networks. As a result, consumers have become more demanding: they want more control, flexibility and convenience. Today’s consumers can choose among faster and more convenient delivery […]

  2. [Whitepaper] Sustainable Logistics: From as Green as Possible to Green as the New Standard

    Curated multi-carrier network and smart orchestration driving detailed optimizations within the first, middle and last mile of each package. Management summary The whitepaper entitled “From Traditional to Sustainable: The Phased Evolution of Logistics” analyzes the urgent need for the logistics industry to transition from traditional practices to sustainable solutions. This transformation is presented in three […]