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How Bringly works

The most responsible shipping solution available

Shipping software that facilitates responsible shipments according to your needs

Sustainable & Cost-effective Multi-Carrier Software

Ship all your parcels in the most sustainable and cost effective way via our platform and automated carrier management. Decrease your carbon footprint, logistic costs and support contacts, while increasing your conversion.

How does it work?

Our platform real-time splits every parcel ‘s journey—first, middle, and last mile—and distributes it amongst diverse multi-carrier networks.

This way, it could be possible that a national traditional carrier picks up a shipment at a warehouse (first mile), brings it to a local city hub (middle mile), from where another local bike courier delivers the parcel to the customer (last mile). 

This way it becomes possible to decrease your costs and carbon footprint within the first, middle and last mile. Carriers benefit on the other hand from a more efficient operation.

For who is it build?

For Retailers & Brands

For Logistic Service Providers (LSP's)

For Carriers

For Partners

Because you’re
in good company!

“Sustainability plays an important role in our strategy, the collaboration with Bringly helps us in the BeNeLux to realize this. Reducing CO2 emissions in last mile delivery is an important step and we are delighted to be able to offer our customers bicycle delivery. With this collaboration we can integrate our online and offline channels even better, we make delivery more sustainable and reduce traffic in and around cities.”

Pieter, Supply Chain Director

“We have opted for a collaboration with Bringly, because they are the most flexible party. The sustainable nature of Bringly fit Dille & Kamille, because we believe it is important to reduce our CO2 emissions. The European coverage that Bringly provides has enabled us to significantly scale up the number of deliveries. With Bringly’s sustainable delivery network, Dille & Kamille will take its omnichannel strategy to the next level.”

Lucien, Omnichannel Strategy Manager
Dille & Kamille

“Bringly fits in well with Nubikk, because Nubikk stands for optimal service and with Bringly we can achieve that.”

Eljoenai, Retail Manager

“Our customers clearly indicate that they want to deliver more sustainably and we would like to contribute to this. Bringly is a great addition to our existing sustainable delivery options.”

Jan-Willem, Managing Director

What to expect during this introduction call?

In our call, we’ll assess your delivery services, showcase our platform, share best practices, and tailor a proposal to your needs.

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