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Bringly’s shipping software is designed to easily integrate with your existing IT infrastructure. Check out our existing integrations to start shipping responsibly as soon as possible.

Order Management Systems (OMS)

At the heart of seamless retail operations, Order Management Systems (OMS) stand as a pivotal link between your inventory and delivery excellence. This system provides real-time visibility of your stock across various locations – be it shops, warehouses, or hubs.

By integrating with Bringly, you unlock the potential for dynamic and sustainable deliveries, ensuring that every item is not just accounted for but also ready to be dispatched in the most efficient way possible. Embrace the synergy of advanced stock management and eco-friendly delivery solutions, and transform the way you fulfill orders today.



Magnus OIL



Manhattan (planned)

Fluent (planned)

More OMS integrations coming soon

Transport Management Systems (TMS)

As a sustainable and cost-effective orchestrator layer between our engine and your TMS, we redefine the efficiency and environmental impact of your entire logistics operations. These existing integrations can serve as a complete solution, coordinating and optimizing every aspect of transportation from pickup to delivery.

By integrating with our platform, you gain access to a network of eco-friendly transport solutions, ensuring that your logistics are not just faster and more reliable, but also greener. Our system seamlessly integrates with a variety of transport management systems, as evidenced by the array of partners’ logos displayed below. Step into a world where operational excellence meets environmental responsibility.

Metapack (planned)

Paazl / Wuunder

Shops United


Nshift (planned)

Sendcloud (planned)

More TMS integrations coming soon

E-Commerce Platforms


Magento (planned)

Shopify (planned)

Commercetools (planned)

Fulfillment / Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Connect your existing fulfillment partner or WMS partner with Bringly for a sustainable and cost-effective shipping solution.

Active Ants (Bpost)

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