Carefree & responsible shipping platform

Delivery management platform that connects merchants, carriers and consumers, for an enhanced shopping experience.

Delivery management platform that connects merchants, carriers and consumers, for an enhanced shopping experience.

Leave the shipping to us while you focus on your business

Bringly offers a complete shipping software solution for managing shipping operations of  e-commerce en brands in the most sustainable and cost-effective way.

We created the most responsible shipping solution available for customer-centric brands. We utilize advanced technology and an extensive multi-carrier network, to optimize the shipping process while prioritizing sustainable capacity. We help save costs and decrease carbon footprint.

With Bringly, you can ship carefree your ecommerce deliveries in the most optimal way, whether you already have a shipping contract with a carrier or prefer to benefit from discounted rates. 

Bringly by the numbers.

  • >€21M

    Total Shipped Order Value

  • +70%

    More efficient and/or sustainable shipments

  • 35%

    Overall shipment costs to be saved

  • 30%

    Less Customer Service Resources

Over deliver on your goals

Your business goal
How to solve

Increase your conversion

Conversion & Retention

Increase your check-out conversion up to 38% by offering a multi-carrier solution, with at least one sustainable delivery option.

Increase your customer retention

Conversion & Retention

Streamlined and custom post-purchase experience.

Decrease your carbon footprint

Impact & Cost Savings

Our mission is to deliver packages as sustainably as possible. Through our first, middle and last mile splitting process, we orchestrate each shipment real-time across different carriers, vehicles, and routes, optimizing costs and significantly reducing the ecological footprint.

Cutting your transportation costs

Impact & Cost Savings

We analyze the capacity of available carriers and smartly combine different carriers capacities to ensure cost reduction and sustainable delivery for each package. Additionally, you can use our central shipping contracts in addition to your own. This way, you always get the best shipping rate, enabling customers to save on shipping costs and increase profit margins.

Decrease your Customer Service resources

Carefree operation

Our platform provides a user-friendly interface for customers to easily ship and track packages. Convenience and efficiency are achieved through the perfect blend of our extensive multi-carrier delivery network, advanced technology and IT solutions, effective customer service, including automated carrier management.

Reduce your IT costs

Carefree operation

Connect only once and let us build features and connect with all carriers. With our automatic return portal, easily configurable claim portal, and customer notifications, we elevate your customer experience to a new level. We ensure that every aspect of the platform is designed to guarantee excellent customer satisfaction.

Boosting your growth with optimized and carefree shipping

How we manage your entire shipping operation

As part of the delivery management software solution, we enable our orchestration engine based on your preferences. Our platform splits every parcel ‘s journey—first, middle, and last mile—and distribute it amongst diverse carrier networks.

Next, we take over the hassle related to carrier management, customer service, claims and invoicing.

Features to empower your business

Access to multi-carrier capacities

Sustainable Orchestration Engine

Constant cost reduction

Uploading existing Carrier contracts

Scalable Delivery Solutions in one platform

Automated Carrier Management

Data and Carbon Footprint Reporting

International & cross border Shipping Capabilities

Because you’re
in good company!

“We have opted for a collaboration with Bringly, because they are the most flexible party. The sustainable nature of Bringly fit Dille & Kamille, because we believe it is important to reduce our CO2 emissions. The European coverage that Bringly provides has enabled us to significantly scale up the number of deliveries. With Bringly’s sustainable delivery network, Dille & Kamille will take its omnichannel strategy to the next level.”

Lucien, Omnichannel Strategy Manager
Dille & Kamille

“Sustainability plays an important role in our strategy, the collaboration with Bringly helps us in the BeNeLux to realize this. Reducing CO2 emissions in last mile delivery is an important step and we are delighted to be able to offer our customers bicycle delivery. With this collaboration we can integrate our online and offline channels even better, we make delivery more sustainable and reduce traffic in and around cities.”

Pieter, Supply Chain Director

“Bringly fits in well with Nubikk, because Nubikk stands for optimal service and with Bringly we can achieve that.”

Eljoenai, Retail Manager