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With Bringly you can…

Easily ship with 100+ local, regional, and national carriers

Our platform utilizes smart route planning and consolidation to reduce transportation movements and minimize CO2 emissions within a diverse multi-carrier network. Find out our carriers.

Track your CO2 reduction in the first, middle, and last mile

The platform is designed to prioritize eco-friendly delivery options. By intelligently allocating parcels to reduce the carbon footprint, Bringly helps businesses meet their sustainability goals.

Flexibly scale up with one complete shipping solution

Bringly is built to cater to businesses of various sizes and can scale its operations according to the volume of shipments and the custom needs per organization, supporting both SMEs and large enterprises:

– Central Delivery Portal
– Check-out / Dynamic Capabilities call
– (branded) Track & Trace
– Multi-Carrier Tracking (first, middle & last mile)
– Second line Customer Support
– Custom notification flow module
– Return Portal
– Claim Portal
– Crossborder module
– Post-Purchase Branding
– Data & Analytics Reporting

Use our discounted rates or upload your own contract

Our platform analyzes available carriers and selects the most cost-effective option for each package.

  • Option A = Ship via our central (discounted) shipping contracts
  • Option B = Upload your own (direct) shipping contracts to our platform
  • Option C = Combine our central shipping (discounted) contracts with your own (direct) shipping contracts

By using our platform, you can save on shipping costs and increase your profit margins.

Bringly allows businesses to upload their existing carrier contracts, enabling them to utilize their negotiated rates within the platform. This feature not only retains the advantage of pre-negotiated prices but also offers the flexibility to reroute traditional shipments through more sustainable delivery options.

When the platform real-time identifies opportunities for a more sustainable delivery option that aligns with the shipment’s requirements, it can automatically allocate these parcels to alternative, sustainable carriers, ensuring both cost-effectiveness and environmental responsibility.

Integrate with your current systems (including WMS & ERP)

Bringly’s shipping software is designed to easily integrate with your existing IT infrastructure. Check out our existing integrations to start shipping responsibly as soon as possible. check out our integrations

Create a shipping experience that increases conversion and customer satisfaction

Research shows that 40% of recipients want their packages delivered sustainably. Additionally, 60% look for information about green delivery on the website where they place an order. With Bringly, you can show your customers that you value sustainable shipping, leading to more satisfied customers.

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Because you’re
in good company!

“We have opted for a collaboration with Bringly, because they are the most flexible party. The sustainable nature of Bringly fit Dille & Kamille, because we believe it is important to reduce our CO2 emissions. The European coverage that Bringly provides has enabled us to significantly scale up the number of deliveries. With Bringly’s sustainable delivery network, Dille & Kamille will take its omnichannel strategy to the next level.”

Lucien, Omnichannel Strategy Manager
Dille & Kamille

“Sustainability plays an important role in our strategy, the collaboration with Bringly helps us in the BeNeLux to realize this. Reducing CO2 emissions in last mile delivery is an important step and we are delighted to be able to offer our customers bicycle delivery. With this collaboration we can integrate our online and offline channels even better, we make delivery more sustainable and reduce traffic in and around cities.”

Pieter, Supply Chain Director

“Bringly fits in well with Nubikk, because Nubikk stands for optimal service and with Bringly we can achieve that.”

Eljoenai, Retail Manager