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Offer your customers a premium & sustainable delivery experience.

Bringly is a sustainable delivery platform that offers brands the most sustainable deliveries. Bringly’s smart orchestration across a multi-carrier network of sustainable carriers optimizes the carbon footprint per shipment while providing real-time insights. Bringly’s solution has helped Retail and e-commerce businesses of any size achieve their sustainability goals while improving the overall customer experience.

The collaboration led to increased operational efficiency, optimized local stock from Dyson stores and a premium customer experience for offline customers. The results of this partnership demonstrate how Bringly’s software solution can help retailers to integrate their shops within their omnichannel strategy.

About Dyson

Dyson machines are available in over 65 countries around the world. Dyson opened one of their first owned Demo Stores in The Netherlands and had a need to offer a premium experience to these offline customers.


Dyson faced several challenges related to their delivery operations, including:

  1. Premium omnichannel customer experience: Not all offline customers would be able to directly take their offline purchases with them
  2. Bad traceability: The traceability of parcels needed to be up to the mark
  3. Carbon footprint reduction: There was a strong desire to decrease the carbon footprint of their deliveries
Retailer Bijenkorf Netherlands


The partnership between Dyson and Bringly has resulted in significant improvements, including:

Starting with “Ship-from-Store” from one of their first owned stores within Europe. Via the sustainable delivery platform of Bringly it was possible to offer offline and online customers the possibilities of having their orders delivered the same or next day. Most of the cases this was even done sustainably. Parcels were picked up locally, brought to a hub from where the delivery was being planned.

The solution allowed Dyson to offer branded and secured deliveries from their shops in the most efficient and sustainable way possible.


The partnership between Dyson and Bringly resulted in a premium customer experience, where the customer decided on the most optimal delivery solution for him/her (direct pick-up or a delivery from store on a specific date). Next, the a branded track & trace experience was being offered. This way, the entire post-purchase communication flow could still be controlled according to Dysons brand principes. Finally, there was a significant carbon footprint reduction for parcels that were delivered in the urban areas by bikes and/or (L)EV’s.

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