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Offer your customers a premium & sustainable delivery experience.

Bringly is a sustainable delivery platform that offers brands the most sustainable deliveries. Bringly’s smart orchestration across a multi-carrier network of sustainable carriers optimizes the carbon footprint per shipment while providing real-time insights. Bringly’s solution has helped retailers, brands and e-commerce businesses of any size achieve their sustainability goals while improving the overall customer experience.

The collaboration led to a significant cost reduction, tangible carbon footprint reduction and improved customer experience.

About Dille & Kamille

Dille & Kamille now has 46 stores : 27 in the Netherlands, 14 in Belgium and 5 in Germany. They also have an online store, which delivers to customers through Europe.

In 1974 the first Dille & Kamille opened its doors in a wharf cellar on the Oudegracht in Utrecht. A simple ‘market shop’ with a cheerful and quirky range for home, garden and kitchen. The core was – and still is after all these years – ‘Natural simplicity’. Since 1974, the family business has opted for the power of simplicity and the timeless beauty of natural materials. They value sustainable craft and attention for each other and our environment.

“We have opted for a collaboration with Bringly, because they are the most flexible party. The sustainable nature of Bringly fit Dille & Kamille, because we believe it is important to reduce our CO2 emissions. The European coverage that Bringly provides has enabled us to significantly scale up the number of deliveries. With Bringly’s sustainable delivery network, Dille & Kamille will take its omnichannel strategy to the next level.”
Lucien, Omnichannel Strategy Manager Dille & Kamille


Dille & Kamille faced several challenges related to their delivery operations, including:

  1. Delivery method was conflicting with brand promise: Previously, online customers from Dille & Kamille were able to receive a traditional delivery from their central warehouse in The Netherlands. These parcels would then be delivered within a couple of days via traditional and polluting vehicles. Betting on one (traditional) carrier only would lead to increased risks and affect the last mile delivery experience in a negative way (e.g. not enough capacity, not sustainable enough & limited infrastructure).
  2. Reducing the CO2 emissions for local & national deliveries: Sustainability is in the core of Dille & Kamille, however still all parcels were delivered with traditional and polluting vehicles. While the number of online orders was increasing, this number of CO2 emissions also grew. It was time to take sustainable measures and take responsibility for this negative impact on the environment.
  3. No control of the post-purchase customer experience: All customer interactions in regard to the communication and the type of vehicles were completely out of their control.
  4. The delivery processes were not standardized across all stores, cities & countries: For each need and city, a different carrier or delivery partner would be needed that would need to meet the local standards and required service levels. This was a timely process.


Bringly offers a carefree & sustainable delivery platform for a premium  omnichannel experience. Via smart combinations of bikes, EV’s and other vehicles Bringly always can offer the fastest delivery options at lowest carbon footprint for retailers and webhops.

Using Bringly’s platform, Dille & Kamille is able to decentralize their deliveries and integrate physical stores easily into their omnichannel experience. This enables local efficient and sustainable deliveries via bike couriers and electric vehicles from the Dille & Kamille stores in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

Next to this, it’s possible to also inject the national volume from stores and central warehouses into this same sustainable delivery network of Bringly. These central pick-ups are being done at the distribution centre and brought to a city hub from Bringly. Based on the daily routes and capacities, the last-mile is then aimed to be done via a bike or electric vehicle in the city centres.


With Bringly Dille & Kamille’s deliveries became more responsible.

Based on the customer address, Bringly always selects the most sustainable delivery options available through their multi-carrier network. Optimizations are done accross the entire delivery process: in the first, middle and last mile. When this has been done, the customer receives a branded tracking page where consumers can real-time track their orders. The customer will always know where their parcel is, when it’s being delivered, and by whom.

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